How To Heal The Team After The Bully Has Gone.

60 Minute Vital Teaching Keynote


The terms ‘healing’ and ‘restoration’ are often associated with mental health or victim support.  However, if you analyse the effects on professionals after a leader has impacted them with bullying behaviours, what you see if in fact are victims who suffered from acute damage to their sense of mental (and professional) well-being.

You can add to that betrayal. After all, no one enters an organisation with the thought that the very people entrusted with their care and development are the ones who will turn against them.

Organisations who have suffered under a bully will have had their professional goals and outcomes stunted. The amount of sideways energy required to navigate around dysfunctional leadership is almost too large to summarise, however, suffice it to say that the emotional, intellectual and physical toll on staff is enormous.

In order to rebuild trust and reverse dysfunction, we must understand the psychology of the bully. In the understanding, we find the tools to repair and restore, and equally important, prevent emerging leaders from following the same dysfunctional route.

We look at how the victims need to heal and how you can quickly restore trust and express value where value has been destroyed.

We will lay out strategy and tools to turn a bad story into a legacy building opportunity for any leader.

This 60 Minute keynote will provide you with some highly practical tips to build strong and resilient team cultures. It will provide insight into the pathology of the three most common types of bullies and how they influence people, outcomes and culture.

If you are a leader who has inherited a post bully era, you need to hear this.

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