I’ts What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

We have just got to do better with communication.

At some point, we make the assessment that the information we are hearing is true and accurate and from that data set we move forward with decisions.

We insert in all decisions a risk factor that underpins either our faith in the absolute validity of our data and our ability to interpret that data or confirms the uncertainty of the accuracy of that data. In the latter case by making less impactful decisions as a method of mitigating potential loss.

Either way, the accuracy of data is the key issue.

The bigger question is set to the idea of how we gather data and by whom does the data rise.

The inability of senior leaders to hear valid data is the true cause of failure and collapse.

Insufficient systems of communication and measurement are half the answer.

Insecurity and arrogance in leadership bring up the balance.

The culture of hearing is pivotal to success.

No one wants to pass up the chain bad information, but without the bad, the good is doomed. The Harvard study on ‘Why Businesses Don’t Learn From Success’ highlights a simple truth, Success does not ask the same soul-searching questions that failure does. Just because we were a success at some point in no way any guarantee that success will continue. It is a fatal trap of ego.

The labelling of organisational failure as systemic belies the truth that at every stage of the data gathering process and the final outcome bearing decisions we make are due to an individuals assessment. People one by one decide whether, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth or to pretty up the data in order to cover the unknowns or to cover the uncomfortable facts from being reported to levels above them.

Ultimately, a series of bad one on one decisions creates a catastrophic failure.

As a close find in counselling always quotes, “the wings never just fall off the aeroplane”.

Let’s build cultures of outstanding communication and see what is coming over the horizon before it hits us between the eyes.