LeaderPod Leadership Coaching Programme

LeaderPod modules are designed as responsive leadership conversations.

No one coach can provide the answers for all leadership development as leadership is both dynamic and organic in it’s growth and maturity.

What we can do however is provide a facilitated conversation to examine and challenge your practice and be a catalyst for your experience to be reviewed into a context of learning and safe analytical observation.

We challenge your practice against a set of topics that provide practical measurements and offer applicable tools that can be applied in any people group setting.

Our approach is to look at not only the wisdom of leadership practice and offer models that create strong leadership momentum but further to understand the science behind the “how” we communicate with each other.  It is within the safety of analytical observation we carefully unpack what we do personally to build healthy relationship models and conversely what we do to destroy them.

Our conversations around leadership therefore direct change when necessary and provide a collaborative approach to learning that exemplifies the notion of a strong community in which we thrive and grow our leadership abilities.

Research in the areas of both neuroscience and psychology provide great insight into how healthy leadership communities flourish. We present data that helps to identify and strategize around some of the haClose up image of an angry woman holding her head against the white backgrounded leadership questions and assist in building trust and engagement in your leadership practice.

Understanding how the majority of people process what they hear can be vital in successfully translating your leadership ideas and vision. If you cannot communicate your vision, you will not secure your teams patronage and forward momentum.

One of the core values that underpin our conversations is the notion of Pastoral Leadership.

I carefully explain why pastoral leadership is fiscally intelligent, where the fiscal gain is the huge value added to your leadership, your community and your outcomes.

Understanding what and how we think about ourselves invariably influences how we see and react to others.

LeaderPod not only provides conversation around leadership core values but seeks to help leaders connect with the issues that drive up the value in their charges and drive down the negative voices and influences that suppress greatness. 

We look carefully at reinvigorating your individual skills, and as such we approach these topics –

  • Rediscovering Leadership Passion
  • Establish Lead by Lead Mentoring *
  • Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Uncovering what You Know You Know
  • Assembling A Practical Value Narrative
  • Mapping Your Intentional Leadership Legacy

Integral to leading a team of people, regardless of size of skill complexity, is the understanding of how individuals process reward, contribute to the community, engage with others and communicate their uniqueness.

We demonstrate a simple model of how complex layers of personality actually interact and find their voice of agreement in a dynamic team environment.

LeaderPod is an adaptable programme that melds to suit your needs.
The Think Farm offers LeaderPod as a 12 Month Leadership Mentoring Programme.

We offer an icebreaker seminar for all teams that introduces the broader concepts we work with. This is an important base line for understanding the science of communication and this prepares the ground for the LeaderPod coaching to be superimposed into your team culture.

LeaderPod small group coaching is a 7.00am Monthly breakfast meeting.

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