Drive By Leadership – How Your Leadership Turns Heads

Professional Development In Leadership and Communications

This Two-Day WorkShop is specifically designed to provide senior leaders, middle leaders and emerging leaders with practical tools and strategies for building stronger professional relationships that deliver outstanding outcomes to all stakeholders. When we challenge our core beliefs and practices we risk colliding into ideas that can bring innovation and momentum to our vision and goals. This workshop will ask questions that will go deeply into our ideology of what leadership really is and how we can harness the power of our key resources to bring a huge change to our desired outcomes.

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying “The single biggest issue in communication is the illusion it has taken place at all”. 

Communication remains as one of the key drivers for building successful teams. Leaders who cannot communicate well struggle to get buy-in and move people to align with their vision.

The dysfunction we encounter is driven almost entirely by poor communication and poorly communicated expectations.

I simply say that great leadership and great communication are synonymous terms… you cannot have one without the other. The number one method of fixing the broken bits will cost you nothing and is so simple yet we fail to lay hold of the simple keys. This workshop will empower you to become the leader everyone wants to serve and attach to.


Communication is a skill. Leadership is a profession. We deliver a highly practical How-To workshop that delivers tools and strategies for building fantastic communication that will drive your team forward further and faster.

In a tech-centric communication world, real and accurate communication that builds relationships is becoming diminished not increased. We look at how the science and phycological research can help build outstanding communication and balance the losses of the tech revolution.

  • The Art Of Inviting Feed Back
  • Reconnecting Your Exiles
  • The Power Of Encouragement
  • How To Have Hard Conversations
  • How To Communicate In A Crisis
  • The Five Questions For Real Evaluation
  • How Not To Let Silence Kill Off Your Leadership
  • How To Discover And Release Innovation.
  • How To Build Resentment Proof Leadership
  • Rediscovering Your Unique Value
  • The Power Of Mentoring
  • Legacy, Purpose and Longevity in Leadership

Napier November 1st & 2nd ~ 9.00am – 3.30pm ~ $695.00 per person

Fully Catered ~ Limited Spaces ~ Open To All Leaders

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