Naming and Shaming Constraints

Three issues confound and constrain employees. Vision (Leadership) Communication and Systems. Front line staff are the collateral damage of poor systems and intentionally ignoring what isn’t working. The result at one end is staff constraint and the prevention of excellence and productivity and at the far end …anger, dysfunction and disengagement.

2024 it is the “Year of Retention”, and not addressing constraints will cost you big time. Good people are highly tolerant and highly flexible (solution creative) to find work arounds for these constraints. However, let’s not fool ourselves. When an opportunity arises with another organisation that has invested both in people and systems, they are gone burgers baby. And we know that when someone walks out the door it hurts everything.

The resetting period once you have advertised, recruited, on boarded and gotten back up to speed… means you have lost significant ground (revenue) that you will never recover.

Addressing these three issues is just smart business. We have a very simple method of identifying and remediating the alignment of the three.

If you are hurting with staff turn over and need help retaining people, drop us a line we would love to be of service to you and your desired outcomes.