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The Dance Of Leadership Coaching Programme

Finding My Rythym And Poise.

Increasingly the demands on leaders have centred around not the broader metric performance of an organisation but the ability to build and maintain strong healthy relationships with staff and colleagues in order to ensure they perform at a high level.

We live in a corrosive world that demands more and more of individuals and as a result, we lose sight of the core values which drive people to stay and play.

It would be easy for a leader to become weighted down by those demands and lose sight of their true value and the core ideologies that brought them to lead in the first place.

Your unique giftedness is the true value you bring to your community, not the number of hours you work.

Our highly successful eight-month programme is purposely designed to both enhance leadership capabilities and support and breathe on personal giftedness and help leaders move to a more significant place of influence and well-being.

We cover a unique range of topics that will challenge your practice and your ideology and dig deeply into the core values that drive leadership into more expansive and higher levels of team and personal success.

This course is delivered to suit your busy schedule and is a combination of live video coaching by Zoom Video Collaboration, Self Reflection Exercises, Video Content, Group Discussion, One on One Mentoring and Cafe Meetings (where possible). 

The programme requires a maximum of eight hours per month commitment and is designed that you take deep reflection time to consider the questions and concepts presented.

Please download a programme overview here.

The Dance of Leadership – Professional Development In Leadership Excellence