Setting Your Sights On The Top

Leadership does not begin towards the latter end of your career when you move into a senior role.

Nor does it begin when you are appointed to any role that carries with it title and authority. Leadership begins the moment you start each day and is clearly evident in your thinking, your actions and your intentions. While, it may be true that some are born natural leaders it is equally true (and possibly more import) that all leaders must be trained and adopt professional leadership skills sets. These skills sets are vital in an age where the understanding of the psychology of human nature in practical terms is foundational for establishing high value relationships and highly valuable models of leading people well.

I believe leadership is a profession, like any other profession it requires training and coaching so that we gain the type of outcomes we so desperately need.

This leadership coaching programme is delivered in three main parts.

A monthly one hour group session by zoom live video, a monthly 30 minute one on one mentoring session and monthly course worksheets for personal reflection and summation. All supporting presentation material and worksheets are delivered in PDF format for each of the eight monthly sessions. Time required to complete each monthly topic is a maximum of 8 hours including group sessions, personal reflection and One on One follow ups.

Each monthly topic is designed to consider key tropics that look closely at personal practice, models of leadership ideology that formulate our practice, the science and psychology of interpersonal and team communication that secures the best desired outcomes for our practice. 

We ask questions that will stimulate thinking and shake open the key themes that you have shaped your leadership ideology. We help you to articulate what you both believe about leadership and what reputation you desire to see as you grow as a leader of people and culture. 

The under pinning outcome of the programme is to enhance the experience your teams and community will be impacted by as a result of your skills, passion and desire to lead well. It is in the daily relational experience that we see as the most significant measure of any leaders momentum and how that experience contributes towards achieving the broader goals of education.

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2019 Aspring Leaders Programme