That Darn Elephant.

I have always believed, and so do so many of my colleagues who help grow great leaders, is that leadership is a profession by itself and that means leaders who require professional development and feeding. Like any other profession we need to nurture and coach, grow and maintain professional standards and best practice conversations. It seems ridiculous that this profession is starved of input and often left to self reliance. I would put money any day on the idea that your leadership community determines the outcome of your business and the abandonment of intentional (and continuous) development of leadership is a fools mission. 

The measure of poorly trained leaders is low retention (high staff turn over) low engagement (And all the mess associated with it, not to mention sleepless nights).

No organisation will grow beyond the capability of its leadership.

What we do know from research is that anything we neglect will eventually work against us either knowingly or unknowingly. 

I don’t believe we are in danger of over caring or over coaching leaders. 

But we are in serious danger of driving well-being down, but not up.

At the very least, leaders need external professional supervision to mitigate emotional load. A low cost investment that reaps high value return.