The Sherpa Club – Collaborative Conversations For Leaders.

Where Leaders meet.

The Sherpa Club is a gathering of a broad mix of aspiring leaders and current leaders from all levels across different disciplines.

Next Meeting –

Off The Track Cafe, 114 Havelock Road

Friday 1st March, 4.00pm



We believe there is huge value in the sharing of ideas and experiences that contribute to a collective collaborative conversation that not only informs but supports the well-being of leaders.

The Think Farms mission is to facilitate the well-being of our senior leadership community by instigating conversations around topics that stimulate growth, change, innovation and creativity. We are after all in the people business and that means we need to stay ahead of the curve in the deep understanding of how people need to be led, want to be led and how we can build momentum in our individual practice by identifying and releasing the giftedness of the teams that we are charged with caring for. Our well being is vital in that equation.

When leaders rise, everyone rises.

We are firmly in the leadership and culture business and it is our business to make sure we offer substance and content that feeds into great leadership and therefore great outcomes for leaders.

The Sherpa Club is simply formed around the understanding of the power of having a cohort of leaders who understand the nuisances of getting people up the mountain safely. Each month we table a topic to consider to inspire conversation. However, the value is in the collective cup and I invite you to join the conversation to learn and grow your leadership potential and practice.

We gather as a community monthly over an early coffee. It will cost you…a cup of coffee.

If you would like us to facilitate a Sherpa Club venue near you, please email