Upside Down Leadership

 @ The Think Farm, we believe that leadership is a profession and that leadership skills transcend industry, experience, status, and role.  Leadership is a practiced set of skills that require a commitment to lifelong learning. We believe that the Servant Leadership model is the appropriate model to stimulate high performance and high pastoral care. We value both people and performance.

We understand that leaders can become isolated.  Therefore, Upside Down Leadership is a connected community of leaders dedicated to growing themselves and each other.  There are shared experiences that directly speak into others’ circumstances and help build a greater cohort of leaders without boundaries. Collectively we know how to lead well and you have something to say in this conversation. We value your journey.

Upside Down Leadership is a regular event where information is shared both online and in person.  It offers workshops that profile content learning on specific aspects of leading people well at all levels.  We offer a bi-annual retreat where leaders can connect and reset and we offer bi-monthly webinars to unpack the bi-monthly content you will receive.  Our content is specially designed to be easily consumed so you can grow your capacity at your pace and apply what you learn immediately. We speak about the core and critical issues leaders face daily.

Because we are always learning and growing, this is not a set course, it is an open-ended learning community growing its resources and collective strength.

Our content is well-researched, highly practical, internationally benchmarked and aimed at encouraging your leadership and developing your competency.  

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