Executive Leadership Coaching Programme

Busy Leaders Still Need Feeding.

Leadership is a profession.

As such it requires professional skills. Yet leaders are often starved of good professional development which hurts both them as professionals and the organisations they serve.

As a result of research and consultation with Educational and Senior Leadership Associations, The Think Farm is pleased to offer a Zoom Video Coaching Option for busy leaders to work with their schedules. This programme is designed to boost capability around key areas of leadership development specifically focussed on highly developed relational team building skills.

This Course is set over 16 weeks with fortnightly 60-minute live interactive video sessions, plus 2 One-On-One sessions and course worksheets.

It is designed to challenge practice and consider deep questions around models of leadership, the skill of communication and the in-depth understanding of the intrinsic value you bring to your role, community and profession.

You can select from different time options for Australia, New Zealand, The US, Canada and the United Kingdom. Register Today: email lead@thethinkfarm.org

The topic list for video coaching is based on the predominant themes of setting healthy leadership models and practical communication in daily practice.

These headings cover the basic programme framework.

  • Sustainable Models Of Leadership
  • Maintaining Well-Being In A Negative Environment
  • Shifting Culture Naturally
  • People vs Tasks
  • The Art Of Inviting Feed Back And Making Great Decisions
  • Reconnecting Your Exiles
  • The Power Of Encouragement
  • The Power Of Story Telling In Leadership
  • How To Retain, Engage And Invigorate Your Teams
  • How To Have Hard Conversations
  • How To Communicate In A Crisis
  • The Five Questions For Evaluating Experience
  • How Not To Let Silence Kill Off Your Leadership
  • How To Discover And Release Innovation.
  • How To Build Resentment Proof Leadership
  • Rediscovering Your Unique Value
  • The Power Of Mentoring
  • Legacy, Purpose and Longevity in Leadership
  • The Science Of How People Communicate
  • How To Engage Detractors And Enlist Advocates
  • How To Lead When You Are Not In Charge

The Course Fee is $2,295.00

Please Note: You require no software, just a standard web browser, camera and microphone.

To register: Email Today lead@thethinkfarm.org