Level One 12 Month Membership $99 per person Per Month


This course is an open ended learning opportunity for leaders at any and all levels and experience.
You can engage in this programme as an individual or as a team.

Growing in your leadership capacity is not a fixed term event, it is rather a commitment to life long learning and bounded by curiosity.

We believe - When you learn more, you earn more.

Therefore we offer you a dual pathway of self directed learning alongside a collaborative collegial learning environment. We believe that everyone has a voice in how we lead and a shared experience in what that leadership looks like, sounds like, feels like and the outcomes it results in.  Your opinion and experience matters.  In fact, I love the statement “We will always be smarter than me”

How does this work? -  Over the first 12 months you will receive weekly subject content to challenge and stimulate your thinking with research, self reflective learning and study, video content, audio interview podcasts, recommended reading, learning tasks and monthly webinar gatherings with Q&A opportunity. 

We provide a weekly recorded coaching session that provide explanation and commentary on the weekly subject content. We also offer the opportunity to join regional in-person gatherings and workshops to reinforce our online learning. 

What we offer you is a blueprint, a pathway of How. How do we lead human centred organisations and obtain the outcomes we are both desiring and required to achieve.  We believe that if you follow the experience we have gained from a broad experience and collaboration of minds, that you will achieve a profitability of outcomes in every area of organisational success -  retention, engagement, innovation, wellbeing and, where required, fiscal success.

Please note: Membership Subscription provides you discounted access to workshops and conferences. Year Two Subscription $49.00

Level Two Coaching - Personal Coach option - $349.00 per Month

Monthly One -On-One

In addition to the Level One Programme. You can elect to have access to a monthly 60 minute tailed One-On-One Coaching Session. This can be booked to suit your schedule and is open from 7.00am to 9.00pm seven days a week.

Simply use our scheduling link to book your coaching time.

We work with you on your highly specific skill set requirements and will track with you while you deal with specific behavioural our situational issues that arise ion the normality of daily leadership. 

Coaching Programme Information
personal leadership development

The Mallory Mystery Leadership Workshop

It has been one hundred years since George Mallory and Sandy Irvine attempted to summit Mt Everest. This remarkable story and the events that it sparked have a huge commentary on how we can adopt transformative leadership in this era. This full day catered workshop is presented by John Peachey - Chief People Mechanic at The Think Farm. If you want to see the type of change in your leadership that delivers  greater outcomes for you and your organisation, join us for this unique event. We share the power of story. In fact what we have witnessed is transformative.  We reduce the pain leaders are feeling and direct them into better people leadership, the result is an extraordinary change, improvement and result in team and organisational performance.  This workshop includes a free 60 minute one on one coaching zoom call.
Anytime coaching assistance

On Call Coaching Conversations

There are times when we face situations and circumstances when we simply need an objective and neutral external voice.  We have collected practical wisdom, tools and strategies to help leaders when people have lost perspective and stability. We offer you a confidential pragmatic conversation to help you regain effective and supportive leadership for your team.