What do we do?

We coach leaders and leadership teams. We grow outstanding leadership skills in people so that they can grow others, create outstanding cultures and reach outstanding goals.

This is what we believe. This is what how we frame leadership coaching.

Our Six Values are the core of our coaching success.

Coaching leaders is relational journey and a shared experience that we build on over a twelve month period.

There are no templates. Each leader requires both a shared and individual understanding of where their skill sets are and where they need enriching. Therefore we coach by both group in half day monthly workshops and by monthly one own one coaching meetings.

We are flexible and we can meet with you mornings, days, evenings or weekends. We are here to serve your outcomes.

The Power of Encouragement.

I just wanted to take time to thank you for your words and wisdom for our Friday teacher only day session. The feedback I have had from the staff has been excellent, thanks so much for your wonderful stories and the clever way you wove what we needed to hear into the fabric of it – beautiful job. I thought I would let you know that on Tuesday I had a Year 13 student come to ask me about a potential subject change – she has not been a straight forward student all the way through from Year 7. I used your 19 words with her. Her face lit up and she said, ‘wow, really, thank you so much, that is the nicest thing I have heard’  That, I guess, is why we are in the game of teaching – for those meaningful and empowering moments. Lorna Morice | Teacher/Diverse Needs Coordinator |  Woodford House
The number one complaint right now is “Overloaded”

This powerful story provides deep insight into how to stay well, how to build interdependence not independence, how to adopt a highly human approach to your role and how to be connected to a longer, more fulfilling and sustaining story. Layers of lessons for leaders, for team building and building well being and empathy. The Everest Workshop is a half day session that will deliver a boost for your staff and help to reshape thinking about how teams work, what value you, bring to your role and how the servant leadership model can deliver you outstanding people results.

We consider Leadership to be a wonderful dance and we believe leadership is an absolutely fantastic profession to be involved in. If you wish to grow your capability as a leader, we can show you how to move with more grace, strength, style, poise and rhythm, and gain exponential people outcomes.

  • Would you like to learn how to build outstanding cultures of communication that delivers out of this world results?

  • Are people issues causing you to lose energy, lose focus and lose sleep?

  • What would it feel like to be recognised as a market leader in innovation, creativity and positive momentum?

  • What if we could simply help you highly engage your staff, reduce the financial and emotional pain of losing staff and build huge engagement and contribution?

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