What do we do?

We provide leaders with the knowledge of how to cast vision and align people for actionable execution and momentum.


  • Leadership is a dance. If you wish to grow your capability as a leader, you can simply learn how to move with grace, strength, style, poise and rhythm, and gain exponential outcomes.

  • Would you like to learn how to build outstanding cultures of communication that delivers out of this world results?

  • Are people issues causing you to lose energy, lose focus and lose sleep?

  • What would it feel like to be recognised as a market leader in innovation, creativity and positive momentum?

  • What if we could simply help you highly engage your staff, reduce the financial and emotional pain of losing staff and build huge engagement and contribution?

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What we do:
We offer people leadership development solutions that are inspiring, energizing, strategic, transformational and sustainable.

Our mission is simple:
We offer individual and group coaching, workshops and training that will propel people towards better outcomes, better capability and a greater sense of purpose and well-being.

We believe:

  • Behaviour follows belief.
  • Conversation is a powerful transformative tool
  • Coffee Fixes Everything
  • When Leaders Rise – Everyone Rises
  • Great leadership begins in the heart of serving others.
  • Happy employees create happy customers.
  • Transformation happens experientially.
  • We will always be smarter than me.

Our governing values:

  • Quality Relationships – We value every person and celebrate their unique design.
  • Lifelong Learning – All of life provides a growth process designed for our good.
  • Unity – We realize our own potential through experiencing interdependence.
  • Principled Living – Doing the right thing is more important than doing the expedient thing.
  • Fun – Laughter does the heart good.

When Leaders Rise, Everyone Rises.

The Think Farm delivers one and two-day workshops for developing capabilities for Highly Effective Communication and Leadership.

Our workshops are run on a regular basis around the country and beyond and can be facilitated in-house or off-site. We offer quarterly residential workshops fully catered with accommodation in high-quality New Zealand and International venues.

Our 12 Month One on One and Group Coaching programmes deal with highly practical non-theoretical topics that drive effective innovative culture in business and community. We expect when you engage with us, your people outcomes will change forever and you will unleash the type of momentum that will elicit market-leading ideas and creativity.

Our clients tell us that their leaders become refreshed, enriched, invigorated and their well-being is restored and they find a new balance.

We work with senior leadership teams, individual leaders, emerging leadership talent and youth leadership development.

  • Business Leaders
  • Educational Leaders
  • Government Leaders
  • Community Leaders
  • Church Leaders

We ask the type of questions that challenge leadership practice to a deep level and present the huge value of pastoral leadership as a strategy to both give you longevity in your tenure and increased influence, leverage and reputation.

Our communication programme will dramatically enhance how you communicate with clients, staff, suppliers and internal team leadership.

Let me show you how pastoral leadership is not only fiscally intelligent but will add huge value to your people outcomes and revenue.

For a programme description or deeper enquiry, please email lead@thethinkfarm.org