How to save a life.

We often think we have to change the face of the world to gain some difference, gain some advantage for someone or something. This consumes huge energy, time and often people lives in order to see any appreciable change. We see so often large groups of chanting people demanding governments or agencies bring change to huge situations. Effectively, people protesting that someone else should make that change on their behalf. Actually, if we want to see change, the reverse is true. That is, we need to make very small incremental changes to the little aspects of life.

One of my favourite sayings is, “a starving man doesn’t need a banquet, he just needs food”.

My challenge is simply, what is in your hand?

We all have something we can use even it seems small and insignificant.

What can you do with what you have in this moment?

Who can you see, in this moment?

It might be a simple word of encouragement. A hug. A smile. A piece of advice. A cup of coffee.

Start there and see where it leads you.

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I’m totally biased about some research that declares that the most successful leaders in any category spend intentional time in the dreaming, reflection and creativity space.