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I have followed John for some 15 years. I have attended John’s workshops and found the thought provocation new learnings have inspired me to keep tracking his work. He simply put, makes quality & practical sense. I get such a good, safe feeling when exploring & implanting his ideas & I can confidently say, John has been integral in my development as both a manager and a leader within the education sector. I have just realised that there are very few I have followed intentions as long as I have, John Peachey! Now, that says it all!! 

Lyn Evans - RTLB Cluster Manager - Nelson Bays

I first heard John speak about his principles of leadership a couple of years back. Everything he said resonated with me and the way I endeavour to lead our team at Hutchinsons. But I needed a little more guidance to continue to improve as well as guide the newer leaders within our organisation. We've been working with John for just over a year now and he has driven us to new heights, helping us create a cohesive senior leadership team that has clarity in its vision, direction and execution. He's a fantastic sounding board and quickly adapts to the ever-changing issues our industry and people bring us. We are better for his involvement. His mantra "coffee fixes everything" and coaching has helped us engage and connect with our team to really dig into the things that hold us back from being the best we can be.

Ron Curteis - NZ General Manger Hutchinsons Ltd

I had the privilege of being mentored and coached by John for a year. Every session was insightful and his guidance proved invaluable during period of crises in my organisation. His coaching emphasised the importance of clarity, highlighting how ambiguity can hinder progress. This simple yet profound concept transformed my approach. John played a crucial role in caring for my wellbeing and boosting my confidence to step into a leadership role. John helped me set clear goals to achieve significant milestones and held me accountable throughout the process. As a result, I not only secured a promotion but also witnessed improved team performance. It is difficult to articulate the significant impact that John has had on me. His influence on my life has been profound, and I am forever grateful for Johns guidance and support.

If you have the opportunity to benefit from John's coaching, I highly recommend it. Please contact me for a reference— I'd be happy to share more about my experience.

Christina Johnston - Manager Risk Management - Clutha District Council

John Peachey is a brilliant communicator who shares a deep understanding of powerful narratives and leadership principles. John shows how the inner power of a story can resonate with the human spirit. His seminar sessions will take you on a journey of profound significance that help to illuminate sparks of inspiration. I can highly recommend John for any business conference or organisational empowerment session. Your team will be positively impacted by his leadership insights. You'll also discover how stories help shape the fabric of our humanity. 

Justin St Vincent - President NZ Christian Writers

Zoom Video Coaching Programme

Your fortnightly sessions have allowed me again to think deeply about Leadership with a more positive focus. When I came into your course I was a little disheartened about Leadership and the care of myself as a Leader. Your sessions have made me consider more carefully every interaction I have with others. I am more attuned now to how people might act and feel and what I can do/say. 

I think the key point you have drawn out is the emphasis on how every interaction with others you work with can so easily set the wrong wheels in motion. We have to be so careful. I have always believed that the role of the Principal or any Leader is to support and care for the people. This is so complex but your messages have been very strong in helping to ensure the right strategies are used. “When Leaders rise everyone rises.” 

Merryl McAllister Deputy Principal

I worked with John over a period of 8 sessions/16 weeks on developing my Leadership skills. It is by far the best training I have done, getting down to the essence of what true leadership is and how to use it to make a real difference in schools. John encouraged me to think about and reflect deeply on my own leadership capabilities and what I need to do to be a much better leader. The lessons learned be with me for a lifetime. I thoroughly recommend working with him. 

Brendon Anderson, Learning Leader, Frankley School

Hawke's Bay AP/DP Workshops May 2018

I was thrilled with the PD. The first few hours especially I found highly useful and already have noted some differences in my approach and ideas for the future. As I have said via text, I found it very worthwhile attending. I found John to be very knowledgeable, and his presentation style made it easy to pick up the messages.

It does help that what was discussed is of particular interest to me. I still rated him as one of the best I have listened to speak in this area.

I appreciated the opportunity to go to the AP/DP session. It was nice to be able to think about things relating to leadership on the day. People are very busy (John recognised this. People work long hours. John recognised this). It was good to talk with other senior managers.

Writing to thank you very much for your presentation yesterday. I came away quite tired as you have so many ideas that meant I was processing such a lot – you are a wonderful and effective presenter with a wealth of knowledge and share it all so honestly with us. I plan to make some personal and professional goals for 2015 from what I have taken away from your presentation. There is so much useful that you gave us that I have to say the trip to Auckland to you was more than worth the money spent. Thank you, John. I look forward to working with you again. Please send the information when you are ready as I will use that to plan from to assist me to be a better leader and person! 

Lyn Evans Nelson Bays RTLB Cluster Manager

Thank you very much for offering such an inspiring two days. It was so beneficial for us as a newly founded Senior Leadership Team and has given us common ground when setting up communication pathways, our protocols, decision-making including arriving at a collective agreement and how to have hard conversations as unresolved issues are “road blocks to leadership”. The value of purposeful listening and the giving and receiving of quality feedback was consistently emphasised throughout our PLD. Peppered with inspirational quotes, real life experiences and video clips your PLD was motivational and immensely practical. Using the power of our staff is vital as we can engage their “fresh eyes” as to how we really operate and gives us perhaps more of a practical perspective. We can not recommend your PLD highly enough. It ranks amongst the very best we have attended, and participated in,  for its overall value, presentation and quality of content. It was also thoroughly enjoyable. We hung on every word and have revisited aspects in meetings, open discussions and in improving personal practice. Ngā mihi, nā Anne Mackintosh PRINCIPAL Greerton Village School. I just wanted to extend my gratitude for one of the most inspiring EVER professional learnings I’ve ever taken on.  If I was speaking to someone less mature than you my words would be YOU ROCK!!!! which says it all! Apart from one other speaker I’ve heard in all my years of education ..and you know they number MANY you’d be IT! Talk about brilliant, your skill of speaking without notes with humour, and humility as well as your incredible storytelling with such power and depth was something I’ll remember for many years! While YES there was quite a few times where we were the listeners you had us enthralled with your art of presenting, so pleased too that we were a small group as allowed for one to be honest knowing what is said in that room stays in that room. 

Anne Morriss Senior DP Katikati Primary May 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday which fully invigorated me as a leader. I have been looking to further my career and applying for jobs because the challenges I was after are not available to me in our organisation at present. After yesterday, I was able to set some clear goals for myself within our school and I realised that I do have such a lot to learn. Sometimes, we just need to meet the right person from whom to learn. For now, the need to move into another job is not as pressing. The challenge is back! Thank you”.

Sharon SENCO May 2017

John Peachey is a brilliant communicator who shares a deep understanding of powerful narratives and leadership principles. John shows how the inner power of a story can resonate with the human spirit. His seminar sessions will take you on a journey of profound significance that help to illuminate sparks of inspiration. I can highly recommend John for any business conference or organisational empowerment session. Your team will be positively impacted by his leadership insights. You will also discover how stories help shape the fabric of our humanity. John’s course challenges thinking around personal practice, having conversations about conversations and the fact that you can’t be a good leader without great communication. He highlights the fact that when communication stops, imagination takes over! 

Justin St Vincent Xtreme Music April 2016

The art of inviting feedback, building people up and identifying the value you offer your community is part of John’s presentation. John’s course asks you to identify the cages which limit your thinking about yourself and about others. If I change my belief system, then I change my decision then I change my outcome. What am I afraid to share? Why am I afraid to share it? Is this something worth fighting for?  If you were me – what would you do differently? Days after John’s course I am still pondering a lot of things… his course is fun yet thought provoking.  Thanks John 🙂 will be recommending your course to my colleagues/principal.

Katherine Matamata Primary – October 2015

We engaged John Peachey for your annual conference and he was a dream to work with.  Other presenters I have used in the past have brought their own generic material and tried to mash it into a presentation with little consideration of my business.  John was very different.  He listened, he learned about our business and most importantly he understood exactly what we wanted to get out our conference.  He then tailored the topics and delivered an outstanding two-day workshop which touched all the Franchisees. Our conference was a great success and it was largely due to John Peachey from The Think Farm. Thanks so much John and I’m really looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

Graham Franks National Franchise Operations Manager

Our two senior teachers returned to school today ‘buzzing’ about their experience with you on Friday.  Sarah and Jen both agreed that it was the best personal PD they had been on in years. They enjoyed your style and the way in which you facilitated the day. 

Nick Hill Principal Belmont Intermediate

I asked John to support our team building capabilities with a one day workshop on communication and relationships in our specific environment. My team were totally engaged and receptive to the simple but dynamic principles delivered by John. There has already been a difference in the way many of us communicate and navigate our diverse personalities to a common goal of supporting the 70 schools in our Cluster. ‘Perceptions can become our reality’ has become the catch phrase amongst us as we strive to understand the complexity of personal and professional road blocks. I would fully recommend this professional development to any educational institution where team work is essential and communication important.

Rob MacDonald Manager RTLB Cluster 1