Who Am I?

Coffee fixes everything

John Peachy

People mechanic, broadcaster, writer, presenter, communicator, coach, mate, husband, father, brother. Having made every mistake known to man in business and personal life, I can assure you the limp I walk with is fully earned and so very helpful in helping others avoid the pitfalls of complex and chaotic lives.


Let me show you why servant leadership is fiscally intelligent and how that adds huge value to your bottom line

John Peachey from The Think Farm is dangerous. He is what has been described as a disruptor, a provocateur to the status quo. He will turn your world upside down… mess you up and help you put your world back together again better and stronger than before. He researches writes and delivers on leadership and communication that drives innovation, engagement and collaboration. John asks the type of questions that make leaders feel uncomfortable enough and be vulnerable enough to break free into new paradigms of innovation, adventure and influence. (Not to mention revenue!)

Understanding the base psychology of how people communicate and want (and need) to be led has taken me into the discovery keys of how people desire deep connections and how these desires motivate a huge range of fantastic outcomes.

For me, it’s all about encouragement. Speaking into the positive spaces that drive a person's deep desire to be greater, go further and attempt more exciting exploits and adventures. I think Goethe got it right on the nail when he said “Instruction does much, but encouragement everything” We live in a world where what we see and feel is the erosion of the soul. I simply feed the soul to live well again, and I tinker with the culture that can enable you to rise. I concluded very early, that when leaders rise, everyone rises.

Talk to me about how I can help. 022-1240194 john@thethinkfarm.org


I believe greatness resides in the heart of everyone and my job is to help you find your way back to that thing that is your unique value. I find no greater pleasure than sharing what I have learned in order to raise another up.

Sometimes you just need someone who has walked that road to lend you a hand over the potholes.

I wish I knew more about gravity and less about falling

John Peachy

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