The Best Returns Are Always On People.

This is as simple as it is beautiful. Investing in people communicates a clear and deep message, “I believe in who you are and who you can become”. While systems and processes are vital to growing great organisations, your organisation will only ever be as successful as the people you invest in. The core investment for people is time. There is an increasing complaint and commentary from senior leaders across different industry sectors I coach with about work load or essentially “overload”. This leads to the sacrifice of what I believe to be the most essential asset you have at your disposal as a senior leader, and that is time with your people. Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte, who influences 4 out of the 5 Fortune 500 companies, suggests her greatest leadership value is to “Prioritise people over tasks”. I think it’s a simple discovery. When people know that they are valued, they will start to value the things that are of value to you. I will often remind busy people of this, “If you are time poor, your are everything poor”. If you are overloaded, I have a simple remedy and suggestion for you. You might not like hearing it, but it will change your game. Drop me note at

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We often think we have to change the face of the world to gain some difference, gain some advantage for someone or something. This consumes huge energy, time and often people lives in order to see any appreciable change.

I’m totally biased about some research that declares that the most successful leaders in any category spend intentional time in the dreaming, reflection and creativity space.